Unusual Fish Restaurant in Eminönü

Grilled fish in bread with lettuce, onions and tomatoes! Or what we call in Turkey, “Balık Ekmek“.

At a Glance

Located: Eminönü. European Side.
Great for: whoever likes fish/pickles!
Serving time: 5-10 minutes
Visiting Hours: Open everyday- 09:00-23:00
Cost: 8₺ (Approximately £1.00 based on today's exchange rate).
Food Type: Fish

Fish& Bread has been an essential part of Eminönü for years. If you ever end up there, we strongly suggest you to try this taste out.

There are many fish restaurants in Eminönü but this one is different because it is  cooked in a boat! You unfortunately can’t get on the boat, however you’d get into the line in front of it to get this delicious food.

There aren’t many seats in front of these boats. So, you might have to eat quickly because it is always crowded or you can have to go and eat slowly on the side while enjoying the beautiful sea view.

Besides fish and bread, you will find this gem too in Eminönü. Turkish people loves pickles. These are sold in 5 kg bottles or in cups for you to eat there right away! If you are a fan of them, you should try here too!

How to Get There

For you to locate easily, there is map on the right hand side with directions!

By metro, you can get off in Şişhane stop and walk down to Karaköy. Pass the Galata Bridge walking. And there you are!

By bus, you have many options. Just use this link and type Eminönü İskele on Search for a Line or Stop button. Then you will have all the buses using that bus stop! Link: http://www.iett.istanbul/en


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