Pierre Loti Kahvehanesi (Hidden Cafe in Eyüp)

Terrace Cafe

At a Glance

Located: Eyüp
Great for: having Turkish Coffee and seeing the amazing Golden Horn view!
Open: This cafe is open between 08:00-23:00 every day. 
Restaurant/Cafe Cost: 60 TL for two.
Transportation: From Üsküdar(Anatolian Side), you can take the ferry. Timetable is here! From Eminönü, you can take a bus. Details are here!

This is a very unique and special place to us. It has outstanding views and if you have more than a day or so in Istanbul I highly recommend you make the trip!

This cafe/restaurant is located on the Pierre Loti Hill. They serve both food and drinks. But this hill is famous for its Turkish Coffee actually. If you go there, we would suggest you to have some coffee with a panaromic view of Golden Horn but let’s not forget Turkish Tea!

How to reach the hill

One option is to walk up the hill through the graveyard. As you go up, you will see many family and Ottoman time graves. This takes time and effort since it is not a straight road, in fact it is full of steep slopes. The other option is to take the cable car. This journey takes a minute to go up but don’t forget that you might have to wait in the line. The cable car works with IstanbulCard and you can top it up or get a new card from the machines there. After you spend time in Pierre Loti hill and you want to go down, you can take the cable car again or walk down the hill which is a lot easier than walking up!

Pierre Loti Hill


Let’s look at some information on the hill.

 Pierre Loti Hill takes its name after a famous French writer Pierre Loti who was in love with İstanbul. His real name is Julien Viaud. He lived a long time in İstanbul and enjoyed spending time on this hill.

This hill was mentioned in many books. Since 19th century, this place has been a touristic facility for foreign and local tourists.

In this facility, they have;

  • Turquhouse Hotel
  • Aziyade Restaurant
  • Tarihi Kahve (Historical Coffee)
  • Nargilevi (Sisha House)
  • Cafe Yeşil (Cafe Green)
  • Teras Cafe (Terrace Cafe)

Find more information on the facility from here!

Enjoy your visit!

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