This cute island, Kınalıada, is the smallest island of Princes’ Islands.

At a Glance

Located: The coast of İstanbul
Great for: swimming, seeing historical buildings and a relaxing day!
Visiting Hours: Only transportation is ferry. So you may want to check the timetable before you go! Click here to for the timetable.
Travel Cost:  For students 2.60₺ (Approximately £0.32 based on today's exchange rate). Others 5.20₺ (Approximately £0.65 based on today's exchange rate).                                                         Staying Over: Since this is a small island, there isn’t many options.

Kınalıada Ferry. Photo by Christian Belanger

After this ferry sets off, it will go to Kınalıada first… Some will get off, some will stay for the second stop, Burgazada.


When the island was covered with maquis, it had a reddish look. The name Kınalıada (Kına=Hennaed) is coming from those days.

Kınalıada is a rocky place. It is known that in Byzantine period, stones from this rocky island were taken to build the city wall.

This island is more isolated when compared with the other islands because in the past it didn’t have water or electricity. Electricity was brought in 1946 but people kept carrying water with the carriages until 1981.

The first residents of this island were Armenian people. After the ferry, Turkish and Greek people have started to live in this island too.

What to do?

Unlike the other islands, there are no horse and carriages in this island. So you either walk or rent a bike. Even if you walk, you can get to places easily because all the streets are connected to each other.

In this island, you can have picnic with your loved ones, take photos of the nature, take walks, ride a bike to travel in the island and swim in a beautiful beach (Ayazma Beach)!

Let’s look at the historical places that you can visit there!

  • Hristos Abbey


Hristos Abbey is located on the Hristos Hill. This abbey, remaining from Byzantine period, has 4 column heads and 4 arched cisterns besides all the other historical ruins. From this hill, you can see the Princes’ Islands and the Asian coast of İstanbul!

Word has it that, this abbey was built on an antique Greek temple’s ruins and there is a Greek cemetery around this area.

  • Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Armenian Church

This church is the first and the only Armenian Gregorian Church on all Prince’ Islands and was built in 1857. It is located on Narçiçeği Street.

  • Kınalıada Mosque

The island didn’t have a mosque until 1964. This mosque is the first mosque in this island and it was built by Başar Acarlı and Turhan Uyaroğlu. It has a unique architecture and attracts tourists.

Enjoy your visit! Checkout the other islands!

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