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Located: The coast of İstanbul
Great for: Riding bikes, swimming, trekking, enjoying ride on a horse and carriage, visiting historical places and a relaxing day!
Time needed: You may want to spend the whole day there!
Visiting Hours: Only transportation is ferry or the boats. So you may want to check the timetable before you go! Click here to for the timetable for the ferry.
Cost:  For students 2.60₺ (Approximately £0.32 based on today's exchange rate). Others 5.20₺ (Approximately £0.65 based on today's exchange rate).


Where green meets blue

Heybeliada is the largest island after Büyükada. The reason why it is called Heybeliada is because it looks like a saddlebag when looked from above. It is renowned not just with its nature and fresh air but with the Marine, Sanatorium and Halki Seminary.

The current population is around 7 thousand in the island. In summer time this number goes up to 50 thousand.

Like in the other islands, the only transportation to this island is ferries. You can check the timetable for the ferry in At a Glance section above.

This island has 4 hills. They are Değirmentepe, Taşocağı, Makarios and Ümit. The Sanatorium is located on one of the hills. Besides the hills, the island has 4 harbours on beautiful bays.

What to do?

There are many things you can do in Heybeliada.

  1. Rent a bike: Like in Büyükada, you can rent a bike in this island too. With a group of friend or just you… Riding a bike is a pleasure in this beautiful place.
  2. Trekking: You will love walking through the trees and taking fresh air in your lungs!
  3. Enjoy the sea: There are beaches that you can go. Those are ; Green Beach Club, Değirmen Burnu, Ada Beach Club, Akvaryum, Alman Koyu
  4. Have a romantic night: In Heybeliada you can have a romantic night out next to the sea. These meals usually are accompanied with Greek music. If you go to the island on a weekend, you might even come across with Syrtos dancing.

Places to see?

  •  Navy High School
  • Heybeliada Mosque
  • Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar Museum House:
  • İsmet İnönü Mansion:
  • Aya Yorgi (Saint Georges) Church
  • Süslü Mezar-Grave
  • Ayios Nikolaos Church
  • Heybeliada Sanatorium
  • Halki Seminary
  • Aya Triada Abbey
  • Aya Spridon Abbey

Enjoy your visit! Checkout the other islands!

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