To getaway from a crowded city… Burgazada is the perfect place! It is the third big island among the Princes’ Islands.

At a Glance

Located: The coast of İstanbul
Great for: a relaxing day!
Visiting Hours: Only transportation is ferry. So you may want to check the timetable before you go! Click here to for the timetable.
Travel Cost:  For students 2.60₺ (Approximately £0.31 based on today's exchange rate). Others 5.20₺ (Approximately £0.63 based on today's exchange rate).                                                         Staying Over: You will need to choose among a couple of hotels. You do not have many options.

Burgazada. Photo by Maya Trifonova

This island has only 2 km width and length.The only hill in this island is called Bayrak Tepesi (Hill). On this hill, there is Hristos Monastery.  Close to that monastery, you will find a graveyard. This island’s old name was Antigoni. It is very normal that you hear Spanish and Hebrew languages when you get there. Because this island has a cosmopolit background population.

What to do?

In this beautiful island, you can find cafes, tea gardens and some breakfast places next to the pier. You can enjoy the silence with a cup of tea. After that pleasure, you can go for a horse and carriage ride along the island. If you don’t feel like a ride, you can always go for trekking.

  • Burgazada Hristos Monastery

This monastery is located on the peak of Hristos Hill. Hristos means Jesus in Greek language. According to a story, this church was built on a Greek temple ruins by Macedonian Emperor Basil I.

Unfortunately, it was abandoned in 18th century and became a ruin. Some architectural ruins and a two-floor construction were left from those days.

  • Aya Yorgi Monastery (Hagios Georgios)

This monastery is located on the north coast of the island. It is believed to be built in Byzantine period, however it was first mentioned in the second half of 17th century. Today’s church was built with a donation made by Simeon Sinyosoğlu in 1897. As far as we know, the church’s door is only opening in rite times.

  • Aya Yani Church (Hagios Ioannes)

This Hagiod Ioannes Prodromos, a Greek Orthodox Church, is a very remarkable monument in the island. You can see it as the ferry gets closer to the pier. Today’s church was built in 1899 and it is believed to be built on where the main church was in the 11th century. In this church, there is a small underground room. It is said that Saint Methodios was held prison in this small room for seven years by Mikhail II until he was released by the emperor Theophillos. It is open only on Sundays between 10-12.

  • Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum

Sait Faik Abasıyanık is a famous Turkish story writer and poet in Turkish literature. He lived in this mansion with his mother. After he died, his house was turned into a house-museum in 1959. The entrance of this museum is free of charge in accordance with his will. It is open on Wednesday to Sunday between 10:30-17:30.

  • Kalpazankaya

Walking, riding a bike or having a horse and carriage ride… You can get Kalpazankaya with all those options. At some point the road will end with a restaurant and that means you reach there! Or take their boats near the pier for the restaurant there directly. This restaurant has a lovely sea view and a beach close to it. Although it has some rules that might concern you. No pets are allowed without leash. No enterance with bikinis. They do not have a coffee and tea service only. You have to eat over there. And recently from what I have heard, they include a service fee in their checks and people are not happy with this. Just make sure you go there prepared as money wise. It might cost around 200 lyras with drinks for two!

  • Beach

In Burgazada, you will find a those beaches:

  • Kalpazankaya Beach: This beach is a stony beach. Entrance 5 lyras, umbrella&sunbed 10 lyras, shower 3 lyras.
  • Su Sporları Kulübü Beach: This is for members only.
  • Altı Numara Public Beach: Entrance is free. Umbrella&sunbed 10 lyras.
  • Çakmakya Public Beach: Entrance is free. Umbrella&sunbed 10 lyras.
  • Madam Martha Bay: This is a camp area as well. You might see many tents on the weekends. Make sure you go prepared as food wise because there isn’t any markets closeby.

Enjoy your visit. Checkout other islands!

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