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Location: Besiktas breakfast street (Beşiktaş Çelebioğlu Street)
Great for: Cheap and tasty breakfast!
Time: The cafes are usually open between 7 am-7 pm.
Cost: 20-40 ₺ for two people breakfast plate.
Transportation: If you need to take the ferry but not sure from where, you can check this website. You need to look at domestic trips part.
You can take a dolmuş taksi (big taxi) from Taksim and arrive Beşiktaş in ten minutes.

Breakfast in Turkey is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. So much so that I had to make a page just to show you this awesome breakfast street! If you are looking for a satisfying but inexpensive breakfast, you can find it here.

Beşiktaş is an old & historical district of İstanbul with its 8 km long coast. When you get there, you should enjoy the Bosphorus view for a bit and then you can set off for Breakfast Street, called Kahvaltıcılar Sokağı in Turkish.

These narrow streets are full of breakfast cafes. Some of them are opening very early in the morning like 6:30 am and close like 3pm whereas some are open until 8pm. But keep in mind that this street is generally crowded. Now, you have got many options as cafes and I am sure you will enjoy it whichever cafe you choose. Some of the breakfast items are olives, jams, pişi, cigarette rolls, honey & kaymak, eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, sausages, butter, chocolate…Let’s take a detailed look at some of the food together!

  • Pişi/ Bişi

Pişi is the main part of this breakfast! It is a type of fried dough food and it usually has a triangle or sphere shape. The ingredients are yeast, flour, butter, egg and some salt. Breakfast street is offering you this delicious food. It is even taking one step further and making pişi filled with chocolate or cheese…Yummy!

  • Gözleme

Turkish people love pastry! Gözleme is a type of pastry that usually has potatoes, cheese or different kinds of herbs.

  • Menemen

For menemen you need eggs, peppers, tomatoes and onions! Use all and you come up with this tasty breakfast food.



  • Sigara böreği (Cigarette Rolls)

Peculiar to Turkish cuisine, these cigarette rolls are easy to make. Same pastry “yufka” is used as it is used in making gözleme. However this pastry is cut as a triangle and filled with usually cheese. Then it is rolled like a cigarette and fried in a pan. These rolls might be filled with potatoes as well. Enjoy!

  • Reçel (Jam)

Jam, as you know, a mixture of fruit boild with sugar. Besides fruits, now we actually have some vegetable jams as well. In this street, you will get different kinds of jams and most of them are even home made!

We hope that we have convinced you to go to Besiktas Breakfast Street next time you are in Istanbul! For more information on Turkish Breakfast, over here!


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